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Here are some fun suggestions
to make your trip
more pleasant and fun.
These ideas are from
our staff and clients!



What do I do when my plane arrives in Jamaica?

Immigration lines in Jamaica!  When you exit the plane, follow the crowd to Immigration.  Go to the far end of the Hall.  The very last line seems to move the fastest!

When you exit Immigration, you will be in the Customs Hall where you will claim your bags.  Look to the left at the signs overhead that say "Nothing to Declare".  Go through those lines, They ARE the fastest.


 Once through Customs, you will be in the Transportation Hall. if you need a porter, remember to give him a nice tip! Porters are not hotel employees.


 If you are taking the bus, you might want to buy a couple of beers or Tings from the vendor in the parking lot!  He will put them in a plastic bag with ice, a kind of Jamaican ice bucket to go.  It makes the trip more pleasant.

Fly Tim Air!
 Avoid the bus!  Take TimAir to Negril and Ocho Rios!! A 15 minute flight versus 1 1/2 to 2 hours by bus!  Here is the link to information on TimAir .

Best Cab Driver at GL Braco!
 Staying at Grand Lido Braco?  English will take you shopping in Ocho Rios or to Dunn's River Falls for the lowest price!  Click for more information on English and his services!

From our friend Orval

Orval tells me you can use the hotel fitness center at the Miami Airport Hotel for just a few bucks to exercise and then clean up as well.  Nice way to arrive refreshed in Jamaica!

When flying through Miami, the best place to wait is the lounge at the top of the Airport Hotel. Take the Hotel elevator to the top and then take the next elevator to the top again.  What a view!!