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A Poem by our client KG

It all started out as just a little plan,
to get away for a weekend, to relax, have fun, and work on a tan.
Vegas would be new but Lauderdale is nice,
and the beach was calling them...not the dice.
And so they logged on and began to surf,
hmmmmm, what is this about the resorts on Jamaican turf?
Sun, sand, all-inclusive and a really good price,
this Hedonism place looks kind'a nice.
What was that they said....about the lack of clothes,
heck, in Vegas they could only show their toes!!!
And so they searched on and did their homework,
Everything's included...even the chicken they call "jerk"!
He looked at her, and she at he,
Is this for real? Can it really be?
They read the trip reports on Denny's, contemplating what to do,
In their 30's and kids half grown, it was time for something NEW!
Price shopping he went, calling all the agents he could,
She kept saying, "What happens if.....if it becomes "wood"? *smile*
Highly recommended by one and all,
it was Lance at GO CLASSY who got the final call.
Au Natural and Gardenview for two,
Lance was "da mon", knowing exactly what to do.
Now its all set, and they excitedly wait,
Counting down the days until they approach the airport gate.
On their way to Hedo, prepared for the time of their life,
leaving behind for a weekend, daily stresses and strife.
The food, the drink, the water, the sun...
The nude pool and hot tub...this is going to be FUN!
And so they log on and email another letter,
making plans to meet other couples in paradise...what could be better?